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PT GMM Enables South Halmahera Natives to Pursue Careers from Hometown

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Photo: Leksi, a native son of Gane Dalam (Inner Gane), works for PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun (PT GMM)

SOUTH HALMAHERA – Leksi (24) is a Gane Dalam (Inner Gane) Village native who works as a security guard at PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun (PT GMM). It’s been over a year since he took this position at the oil palm company.

His previous job was a municipal police officer in Ternate, where he spent four years ensuring peace and order in the North Maluku city. Nevertheless, moving back home was a joy for the young man, who could now earn money and stay close to his family.

“Going back to Gane Dalam used to take a lot of effort. I had to ride a boat [to get there], so we [Leksi and his family] didn’t meet that often. Thank God, it’s better now that I’m working here. Home is closer and I can drop by after my shift ends,” he said.

Prior to PT GMM’s presence in South Halmahera, locals counted on nutmeg, clove, and coconut harvests to support themselves. All the while, they were paid very little by middlemen, who went on to inflate prices. In the meantime, younger people left for big cities, seeking better opportunities.

“Now that we have jobs here, people don’t spend that much money anymore [on transportation], which means things are looking up, no need to find work outside Halmahera. The company treats us really, really well,” Leksi added.

He’s just one of many in Halmahera and adjacent areas who benefit from the company’s operations. At PT GMM, these native sons and daughters are trusted with various roles and positions, each one suited to their skills and educational background.

Much of PT GMM’s workforce are coming from South Halmahera. They assume various roles and titles


According to local village governments, the firm has transformed the lives of nearby communities, besides its workers.

“We’ve reaped so many benefits, especially here in the village, after PT GMM showed up. From barely making ends meet, we’ve now gotten better financially, thanks to [local] recruitment efforts. The company has also given us a road access [for traveling around]. We’re grateful PT GMM makes it possible for us to thrive. Our people can work and feed their households,” said Yamli village leader Ilyas Kadari.

PT GMM is now part of the local economic backbone, with 85% of its workforce hailing from surrounding neighborhoods.

Jobs provided by the company have stimulated village economies. Locals get to send their kids to high school and college and not worry about basic needs. (PR)


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