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Promoting Nature Conservation in Widi Islands, PT GMM Donates 1001 Mangrove Saplings

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Photo: PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun (PT GMM) representative Mr. Sehoon Lim passed 1,001 young mangrove trees to South Halmahera’s Environmental Service

HALMAHERA – PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun (PT GMM) made a donation of 1,001 mangrove saplings to South Halmahera’s Environmental Service on Wednesday (4/1). This move answers the latter’s call for preserving the ecosystem in Widi Islands, and supports South Halmahera’s “Mangrove For Widi” program.

Environmental Service head Syamsudin Abas S.T, M.T. received the saplings at his office on Jl. Raya Labuha-Babang, Marabose Village, Bacan Subdistrict.

Standing in for PT GMM in the handover ceremony, Mr. Sehoon Lim hoped to see success with the program. “I see Halmahera Island as an enchanting place with millions of potential waiting to be discovered. By keeping its natural environment as it is, we aim to maintain the equilibrium between humans and nature,” he said.

The young trees will be planted in numerous spots throughout the islands as a way of greening the area. Instrumental to the coastal ecosystem, the mangrove species balances environmental quality aspects and neutralizes pollutants.

Mangrove saplings were handed over by PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun (PT GMM) representative Mr. Sehoon Lim to South Halmahera’s Environmental Service head Syamsudin Abas BEng, MEng

As the location for the planting drive, Widi Islands are made up of 99 islands, 3 atolls, and 2 clusters of isles that local fishing communities are familiar with as Daga Gane Island and Daga Weda Island (Information taken from South Halmahera’s official website). Daga Gane stands opposite Gane Timur Selatan Subdistrict, while Daga Weda sits across from Gane Timur Tengah Subdistrict. Due to its large fishery prospects, the whole peninsula becomes a heaven for anglers.

Widi Islands are also regarded as the most beautiful island group in North Maluku Province, and are often used as a tourist destination. They contain tons of underwater spots and are a paradise for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts.

PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun is a part of TSE Group, which engages in palm oil plantation business in Papua. PT GMM is committed to practicing sustainable palm oil governance and keeps innovating in an effort to prioritize fulfilling its environmental and social responsibility. (PR)

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