1. PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun has gained Decree of Release of Forest Area of the Minister of Forestry Number: SK.22/Menhut-II/2009 covering an area of 11009.09 in Sub-District of Gane Barat Selatan, Gane Timur Selatan and Jouronga Islands, District of South Halmahera and Decree of Cultivation Right on Land of the Head of National Land Agency No. 71/HGU/KEM-ATR/BPN/2016 covering: 8,444.6074 ha, as well as the settlement agreement of the land rights of local community has been resolved.
  2. The total area of High Conservation Value Forest covering 767.55 ha (9.09% of total Cultivation Right on Land) consisting of NKT1, NKT4.
  3. Based on the condition of land cover of PT Gelora Mandiri Building, carbon stocks in shrubland (3.8 ton C/ha, Medium Density Forest (94.28), Low Density Forest (92.52 ton C/ha), young regeneration forest (59,38 ton C/ha). Based on the integrated analysis (aspects of land cover, carbon stocks, HCV area, FPIC, and legal aspects), then it is defined HCS area of 397.83 hectares in the western part of the area of Cultivation Right on Land of PT. Gelora Mandiri Membangun.

Company is not a member of RSPO. An HCV assessment is done by company voluntarily to ensure a protection towards the protected area according to the applied law in Indonesia.

Company finished self assessment of HCV and HCS. These studies are now being reviewed by HCVRN and HCS Approach. All HCV assessments of the company were done by experts who are HCV ALS licensed assessorsĀ  ( and ( Company is also a member of GAA (

The company has conservation area, including the HCV and HCS areas. Document assessments have already been done by HCVRN and HCS Approach, sustainability/HCV & HCS.