PT. Gelora Mandiri Membangun is a private national company engaged in the Palm Oil Plantation, based in the District of South Halmahera, Province of North Maluku and has obtained Decree of Cultivation Right on Land No. 71/HGU/KEM-ATR/BPN/2016 covering: 8,444.6074 ha in the Sub-District of Gane Barat Selatan, Gane Timur Selatan and Joronga Islands.

The company has a valid data on the total area with a Right to Cultivate as well as area already used for planting. The data is updated periodically. PT Gelora Mandiri Membangun has a total land area of  8,444 ha and the planted area of 5,447 ha. We don’t have any peat land in our concessions. Our concession is not located on peatland so data collection on peatland as the planting area is not needed.

Since 2013, PT. Gelora Mandiri Membangun began to execute land clearing and continued with planting oil palm in 2014 with the aim to keep supporting the government’s program to develop oil palm plantations in the District of South Halmahera, as well as to improve the welfare of local communities, including improving Original Local Revenue (PAD) by expanding employment and business opportunities.

All of processed palm oil in every plant in the company comes from company-owned plantation and does not come from outside suppliers.

Vision and Mission of PT. Gelora Mandiri Membangun are becoming global-class plantation company, with the commitment to continue to build the effective and efficient plantation management system, including the preservation of the environment through the program of “No Deforestation, No. peat and No Exploitation”, and strive to create working system and environment that support the development of human resources through the selection and training programs as well as sustainable development. The company already has a sustainability team.